SearchUnify & Thought Industries to Deliver a Webinar on The Art & Science of Advancing Customer Learning Experiences

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Mountain View, CA | July 26, 2022 – SearchUnify, a leading unified cognitive platform, is convening with Thought Industries, a leading customer learning management (CLM) platform, for an insightful webinar on The Art and Science of Advancing Customer Learning Experiences. The live event will unfold on August 30, 2022, at 10:00 AM PST.

Augmenting Product Adoption with Customer Education Programs

There is no dearth of products and services in this day and age. That is why every company commences with the goal of building a better product. In an effort to achieve this feat, a plethora of features are added, which makes the product complex. Consequently, product adoption reduces or the inflow of support tickets peaks.

To stack the odds in the organization’s favor, customers ought to be well-trained and equipped with the right knowledge. Customer education programs can help with that. But leveling up these programs and enabling an efficacious learning experience often falters when learning content is siloed and unstructured. That is where cognitive technology comes into the picture.

“Cognitive technology breaks the silos to improve learning content findability. It also tracks customer journeys to create a learning curve that actively targets the pain points and moments of friction in any product. As a result, you can create a plethora of ‘Aha’ moments in a customer’s journey,” said Vishal Sharma, CTO, SearchUnify.

“I’ve been developing educational content for a wide variety of adult audiences for over 15 years,” said Sandra Elliott, Director of Customer Education, Thought Industries. “The shift to technology-assisted learning experiences has only grown faster over time. It’s imperative today that learners be able to find what they need when they need it, and cognitive technology plays a crucial role in making that happen.”

The answers to all the whys and hows await in the upcoming webinar. Join Thought Industries and SearchUnify as they discuss key considerations for building a customer education strategy based on organizational maturity, and how putting cognitive technology at its center can improve learning content findability and give insights into learners’ performance.


Title: The Art & Science of Advancing Customer Learning Experiences
When: August 30, 2022, at 10:00 AM PST


Sandra Elliott
Director of Customer Education
Thought Industries

Vishal Sharma
Chief Technology Officer

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About Thought Industries

Thought Industries provides the world’s #1 software platform for customer learning management (CLM). CLM empowers businesses to create compelling learning experiences for customers, partners and professionals. These experiences help businesses grow revenue, increase customer loyalty, and ensure customer success across technology, manufacturing, healthcare and other industries with complex products and training requirements. Thought Industries was founded in 2014 around the core belief that online learning experiences should be modern, intuitive, engaging, and scalable. Headquartered in Boston, Thought Industries has offices across North America and Europe.

About SearchUnify

SearchUnify is a unified cognitive platform that fuels the unification of disparate data silos to build a centralized content repository, an insights engine that articulates analytics to monitor KPIs and react to changing trends in real-time. It powers multiple next-gen applications including Intelligent Chatbot, Escalation Predictor, Agent Helper, KCS Enabler and Community Helper – all of which elevate & personalize the experience of customers, agents, community managers, knowledge workers, and support managers.

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