Grazitti Interactive Expands Its Presence in North America

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Sunnyvale, CA | December 17, 2019 – Grazitti Interactive, one of the leading digital products and services provider, today announced the opening of its newest office locations at Sunnyvale (California), Seattle (Washington), and Edmonton (Alberta, Canada). With this recent expansion, Grazitti has its presence in the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and India.

The new offices are strategically located across the hubs in the high-tech industry. “With this expansion, Sunnyvale will become our US headquarters,” Grazitti Interactive CEO Alok Ramsisaria said. “Keeping in mind the pace at which we’re growing, in terms of our team and customer base both for our services and products, especially SearchUnify, it felt necessary to expand our base in the US and get closer to our increasing roster of customers and prospects.”

SearchUnify has quintupled its team in the last three years. It continues to launch cutting edge apps and innovative features for its clients; therefore, the need for a larger and state-of-the-art office space.

Shivraj Asthana, VP of Strategic Accounts & Partnerships, will now take over as President for Grazitti’s North America operations. Shivraj has spent the last 10 years leading innovation in the digital domain. He has been a co-founder and served in a senior executive capacity in several early-stage startups in the Silicon Valley ranging from content syndication, digital technologies, and online marketing.

Commenting on this development, Shivraj said, “I’m thrilled to be part of this rapidly growing organization and proud to head the US operations. This marks a huge milestone for the company, our employees, and our clients. This will give us access to a large pool of the finest talent in the region that can help further accelerate the firm’s growth.” He added, “We’re continuing to strengthen our existing teams in North America across sales, engineering, customer success, as well as leadership functions.”

“As a fast-growing company, we are investing in high-growth markets. In addition to our presence in Seattle and Edmonton, our strategic decision to have an office in Sunnyvale is an extension of our commitment to be close to our customers and in the epicenter of the tech industry. As we grow, we’re planning to expand throughout the US, especially towards the east coast with offices in Boston and Austin,” further added Alok Ramsisaria.

About Grazitti Interactive

Grazitti Interactive is a digital innovation leader having extensive experience in developing solutions that unlock data insights, increase operational efficiency, and drive customer success. For over a decade, it’s been enabling companies of all sizes—including Fortune 500 enterprises—to implement, customize, configure, optimize, integrate, and manage solutions such as CRM, marketing automation, online communities, and analytics. Grazitti has recently been named as a Clutch global leader 2019 in the CRM Consultants category.

SearchUnify is a unified cognitive search platform by Grazitti that revolutionizes information discovery, fuels an insight engine, and makes for a robust platform for AI-based apps like customer-facing and agent-assisting chatbots. Its AI powers relevant and personalized search results for customer support and self-service.

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