Kronos Transforms Customer Support And Self Service Experience With SearchUnify

For Kronos, one of the leading Workforce Management and Human Capital Management Cloud Solutions provider, the main objective was to fully capitalize on the vast, isolated data repositories spread across enterprise platforms. Its customers, support teams, and internal users couldn't access content that wasn't inside their platform, thus making it imperative for the firm to break the information silos for seamless, unified access. Irrelevant suggestions on case creation pages and lack of faceted search took a further toll on customer experience.

With SearchUnify’s proprietary cognitive search engine, Kronos was able to integrate all necessary knowledge archives which enabled it to ameliorate information discovery, boost case deflection and enhance search optimization.The AI-aided deflection component and SearchUnify’s rich and intuitive dashboard further helped Kronos improve its customer self-service and support strategies. Download the full case study to learn more.

What Kronos Said

At Kronos, the customer experience is our top priority and we look to work with technology partners with the same focus. SearchUnify provided responsive project management, high technical acumen and timely communication throughout our deployment, resulting in an excellent customer experience. Our customers, partners and employees are finding relevant content more easily, and we’re seeing additional case deflection north of 10%.


Leo Daley

Director - Community,