Chatbots Through the Time: Then and Now

Did you know that the world’s first chatbot, ELIZA, made its debut in 1966?

Since then, chatbots have come a long way! They’ve gone from simple rule-based systems to intelligent virtual assistants These days, the chatbot world has been buzzing lately, especially since ChatGPT shook things up.

Excited to take a stroll through chatbot history and see the incredible transformation? We’ll highlight cool milestones like Natural Language Processing (NLP) advancements, AI integrations, and the rise of context-aware chatbots.

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Chatbots Through Time: Then and Now

Is the Future of Chatbots in Safe Hands?

Chatbots have undeniably had a long journey, but the end isn’t nearing yet. We will continue to witness advancements, as LLMs become more polished and capable of powering even larger models.

One such chatbot that you can rely on, is SUVA! Powered by the unbeatable amalgamation of LLMs and FRAG, it serves contextual responses to the tee, regardless of the domain!

SUVA can also hold conversations just like a human, ensuring engaging user experiences! Request a demo to know more.