How Namely Unlocked The True Potential of Its Community with SearchUnify

Namely's community is a treasure trove of information, yet content findability was a challenge. On the other hand, limited insights hindered the content team from gauging the effectiveness of community knowledge articles.

Together, these challenges marred Namely's efforts to provide an unmatched community search and self-service experience.

Enter SearchUnify.

Its real AI and ML proved to be the ideal solution. The platform circumvented poor findability while enabling the content team to glean valuable insights and quantify content efficacy.

With better visibility of content gaps and revolutionized community search, Namely turned the community into a case deflection engine by deflecting between 1,800 and 2,200 tickets per month. Wondering how? This case study explains.

What Namely Said

SearchUnify is an integral part of our content strategy—providing our team with actionable insights and data that proves the value of our work.


Lauren Schatz

Director, Client Experience