SearchUnify For Drupal

Drive Engagement on Your Drupal Site with AI-Driven Search

Leverage Result Optimization and NLU to Deliver the Most
Relevant Search Results

Revolutionize the Way Users Search for Answers on Your Drupal Site

Tune Results for Higher Relevance

Control the search experience on your Drupal site with results optimization from SearchUnify. Manually boost relevant results to the top of the page for higher content engagement and a richer user experience.

Understand Search Query
Context with NLU

SearchUnify algorithms leverage Natural Language Understanding to identify the context of the user query, with an intelligent autocomplete that understands what your user is searching for on your Drupal site.The self-learning algorithm identifies synonyms and spelling errors, quickly adding them to their dictionary to display the correct result.

Find Information from Anywhere

Unify all your content sources – from blog posts, FAQs, discussion boards, documentation etc. – for a streamlined search experience. With SearchUnify, you can integrate your Drupal site with multiple external and internal content sources.

Guide Users to Relevant Information with Smarter Facets

Classify your content with custom facets for your Drupal site to help users distinguish between results on the basis of content source, category, date range, price, type of documents – any tag can be added manually!

Increase Engagement with Intelligent Recommendations

SearchUnify’s AI-driven algorithms identify the context behind a search query by leveraging search data and behavior to better understand what a user is saying and recommend relevant content to help them solve their problems.

Solve User Queries Instantly with Virtual Assistant

Leverage virtual assistants built on search intelligence to provide instantaneous support to your users. SearchUnify’s smartbots can search for data across your enterprise to retrieve relevant information and also take into account a user’s journey across your Drupal site to provide unique responses.

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SearchUnify is the right enterprise search solution for you. Get a live demo in your environment of choice and see how AI-based search transforms user engagement and helps you achieve your business objectives.
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