SearchUnify for Salesforce Service Cloud

Empower Agents to Access Case-Resolving Content Without Ever Leaving the Service Cloud Console

Enhance Agent Efficiency and Deliver Superior Customer Service

SearchUnify indexes multiple content sources and provides personalized recommendations using AI, ensuring that agents solve cases more efficiently and with greater accuracy.

Search All Content at One Place.
Stay Inside Salesforce.

With SearchUnify, you can index multiple content sources across on-premises and cloud applications like Lithium, Jira, MadCap Flare, Confluence, MindTouch, Salesforce Clouds etc. without leaving Service Cloud.

Accelerate Case Resolution with
AI-based Results & Recommendations

Machine Learning analyzes every customer and agent interaction to assign a relevance score to each content piece. Based on the context of each query, SearchUnify proactively suggests content that is most likely to resolve that case.

Leverage Agents’ Search Behavior to Fill Content Gaps

SearchUnify’s robust analytics provide rich insights into what agents are looking for, making it easier to identify content that needs to be created or modified.

Drive KCS with Features like Attach-To-Case

Agents can access the company’s knowledge base and attach relevant search results to a case from within the Service Console, propelling knowledge-centred support (KCS).

Shorten Turnaround Time with Agent Helper

Nothing gets on your customers’ nerves more than having to wait for a response from your service reps. SearchUnify’s Agent Helper empowers them to quickly send out that first response when a case comes in. It uses machine learning to analyze past cases as well as agents’ responses to suggest a suitable comment for the current case.

Uncover Meaningful Customer Behavior Data Across Touchpoints

Empower agents to witness a customer’s journey across touchpoints and share only the most relevant content with them for case resolution.

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