SearchUnify for Salesforce Community Cloud

AI-Powered Search for Smarter Self-Service on Communities

Build an Engaging Salesforce Community with Cognitive Search

Drive self-service success for your employees, partners, and customers by providing the most relevant information to your Lightning community users effortlessly.

Access Multiple Content Sources at One Place

Enable users to search unlimited information sources (cloud and on-premises) on your Lightning community

Leverage Out-Of-The-Box Integration with Your Lightning Community

Get all the flexibility you need while configuring drag-and-drop search inside the Community Builder or adding it to existing VisualForce pages. Effortlessly integrates with your Customer Service (Napili), Partner Central, Customer Account Portal or BYO (Build Your Own) templates

Personalize Everyday Searches with AI

Tap into AI to present users with personalized results and recommendations depending on their role, access permissions, and search behavior

Transform Your Lightning Community into a Case Deflection Engine

Allow service agents to focus on tackling the toughest issues by empowering community members to solve their problems quicker and more often

An All-Inclusive, AI-Powered Shop for Productive Interactions

Amplify your community’s effectiveness by embedding it with an AI-driven virtual assistant. It leverages natural language understanding (NLU) and machine learning for personalizing responses. The 24/7/365 availability coupled with interactive, action-oriented responses pave way for better customer experience and CSAT

Craft a UI That Guides Your Audiences

Refine search on your community using customized facets that users can easily navigate through to find the right result

Optimize the Community for Success with Powerful Analytics

Utilize behavioral insights to identify gaps in content and measure KPIs like case deflection and engagement on your community

Heighten Relevance on Your Knowledge-Based Platforms

Boost relevance and discovery by controlling the search rankings of the most important content pieces, manually and automatically

Increase Community Engagement with Smarter Conversations

Deliver contextual suggestions & prompt responses to users’ queries, motivating them to like and share useful content

Propel Self-Service Success Using Machine Learning and NLP

Provide contextual results and proactively recommend information that can help users solve problems related to their use case or personas

Enhance User Experience by Leveraging Customer Journey Data

Track visitors’ journey and personalize interactions by showing optimized content across all touchpoints

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