SearchUnify For Lithium

Cognitive Search for a Unified Discovery Experience

Quantify Your Community’s Success with AI-Powered Search

Leverage Personalization and Deep Analytics to Boost CSAT On Your Lithium Community

Integrate Every Knowledge Source for a Unified Experience

Instantly index content from any content source like Salesforce, JIRA, Sharepoint etc. with out-of-the box connectors or a robust API to provide your users with relevant and unified results from any knowledge repository you have!

Help Users Help Themselves with NLU & ML

Maximize conversions with a self-learning engine that analyzes search behavior to display the most relevant results and recommendations. NLU algorithms enable SearchUnify to understand what your users are searching for, accounting for the use of synonyms or lapses in spelling and grammar.

Guide Users with an Interactive UI

Make it easier for your users to find the right result on your Lithium community with smart facets that help users drill down faster to the most relevant content.

Boost Case Deflection and CSAT with AI-Powered Chatbots

Provide 24×7 support on your Lithium community with AI-powered chatbots that leverage NLU, machine learning and search insights to fuel productive conversations with your users. In addition to boosting CSAT, these smartbots can handle repetitive queries with ease, freeing up your agents for complex tasks that require human intervention.

Improve Searchability for the Most Relevant Content Pieces

Manually tune search results to boost ranking for the most important content pieces so that they appear at the top.

Make Smarter Business Decisions with Insights That Matter

Get insights into customer journey with deep analytics about search trends and user behavior. Proactively fill content gaps and measure KPIs like case deflection, CSAT etc. to quantify your Lithium community’s success.

Upsell & Cross-Sell Your Products with Contextual Ads

Drive revenue from your Lithium community with contextual ads that promote your products or services. SearchUnify gives you the power to create ads with custom text and images so that they appear alongside the search results for your chosen keywords.

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