SearchUnify for Education

Unlock better discovery and delivery of information

Supercharged Teaching & Learning to Better Educate the Masses

Streamline knowledge availability & accessibility to enable continual learning & prolonged success

Search & connect every information channel

Students, teachers, parents, and alumni expect nothing less than effortless communication with their institutions. By connecting every touchpoint, you can place them at the helm of all the necessary information and break accessibility barriers.

Enhance usage of library resources

A library that people cannot use fails to serve its purpose. Federated search consolidates a variety of resources including general databases, consortial databases, full-text resources, statistical aggregations, etc. so that patrons can quickly search and make full use of the available information.

Obtain actionable insights on every interaction

Learners and educators use search quite generously. You can leverage this data to understand what they look for, how they search, what they like or dislike, and so forth. This way you can better understand your users and eliminate hurdles for maximum conversions.

Maximize usability & functionality

A carefully curated interface not only pleases the eye but is also highly functional. With smart facets, you can be assured that students or teachers can effortlessly drill down on the intended information and its subsequent details.

Give it the ‘relevant’ treatment

Sifting through countless pages or portals to find something can push many potential students to other institutions. By leveraging machine learning and natural language understanding (NLU), you can be assured that your users will find apt results right at the top. Additionally, manual tuning gives you the ability to prioritize anything you deem necessary.

Provide 24/7/365 assistance with AI-powered chatbots

Students and professors look forward to your website to apply for a course or fellowship. The availability of a smart chatbot will ensure their queries are resolved at the earliest. Chatbots incite response and is a welcome change over the traditional research-based approach. It can also hand over any complicated query to an expert for a personalized response.

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