Search Analytics

Actionable Insights for Smarter Decisions

Dive into Your Users’ Search Behavior with Real-Time Analytics

Leverage User Data and Feedback to Surpass Customer Expectations

Enhance Engagement on Your Platform with Insights from Content Gap Analysis

SearchUnify’s real-time insights allow you to discover gaps in content, revealing search queries that fail to populate useful results. Creating knowledge-based assets for frequently asked questions that go unanswered heightens engagement on your platform.

Track and Forecast Vital Metrics to Inform Your Self-Service Strategy

Measure self-service success by keeping track of customer service KPIs like case deflection and engagement to leverage the full power of your content. Forecast search trends based on current metrics and proactively optimize content for relevance.

Stay Abreast of Search Performance with a Summary of All Analytics

Our machine learning-based algorithms identify search trends and volume across users to give you a one-stop dashboard, giving you the power to analyze multiple metrics at once. Every report can be exported to help you compare data over time and you can choose to receive a summary of all important metrics in your inbox.

Reveal Rich Behavioral Insights by Going on a Journey with Users

Review user activity across all touchpoints, seeing in real-time the pages they visit before and after conducting a search. Utilize this information to personalize interactions and create a seamless service experience for the end customer.

Leverage Data Segmentation for Enhanced Reporting

Better analyze the way your employees, partners and customers interact with your search platform with filtered reports for internal & external users. Filter reports for each search client and for a defined date range to get targeted insights into user behaviour. Track each user’s activity with a unique encrypted ID or enable name tracking to view user email within your reporting dashboard.

Compare Metrics Across Your Organization

Load your SearchUnify analytics data in any 3rd party BI tool of your choice with the Analytics API.Visually compare your search data with other datasets of your choice and share reports with members in your organization to better compare metrics.

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