SearchUnify Rolls Out ‘Mamba’ to Enhance Customer Experience

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We are thrilled to announce the successful rollout of our latest release – Mamba! And while this may sound like a cliché, but this is our biggest and greatest release yet!
Mamba is a major release with an array of new features, significant new capability, apart from the regular UI improvements, bug fixes, and so on. This announcement aims to educate our customers and prospects as to how SearchUnify is becoming better and better at extracting search data and making something remarkable out of it. Some of the key changes are mentioned below:

1. Better Engagement and CSAT with SmartBots

This is undoubtedly the biggest addition to SearchUnify’s functionalities. With the global rollout of Mamba, Sarah can be leveraged by all users to automate customer interaction once their instance has been updated. Sarah actively leverages AI & machine learning to constantly improve itself over time. Just like wine, it keeps getting better with time!

2. Wider Content Reach with OOTB Connectors

You can index 6 new content sources, taking the total number to 27. What this means is that you can seamlessly pull in information from nearly all widely used enterprise platforms. These additions to our existing arsenal of content sources will ensure most frequently used platforms are supported right out-of-the-box.
Is there a source that we missed? Well, don’t you worry. The odds are we’re already working on it or you can use the new api to build it (if you need it faster than the 2 weeks we take :-).

3. Customizable and New Search Clients

Search admins can exercise even greater flexibility to create a more immersive & personalized search experience in each search client. Internal users, customer, and visitors, already could have different search experiences, and now the admin can customize the experience within each search client as well.
Did you think we forgot about the customary extension of support to new platforms? No, not happening! Here are all the new platforms where you can implement best cognitive search:

  1. Microsoft Dynamics
  2. Drupal 7 & 8
  3. WordPress
4. More Customizations with APIs

In our bid to make SearchUnify the most comprehensive search product out there, we have started bundling some APIs to empower users in making some nifty customizations to their SearchUnify instance.
With content sources API, you can easily build your own connector and connect any digital archive. Similarly, you can leverage the search API to create a client and implement search on any platform. Best of all, you can visualize your analytics in any dashboarding tool of your choice using the analytics API to extract search data.

Mamba promises better CSAT and engagement with an AI-powered chatbot, better search experience for your customers, prospects, and employees, better security of your data, more customization options, more OOTB connectors, and comprehensive analytics reports. Click to request a free demo now!

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