SearchUnify & CATALYNK to Deliver a Webinar on Catapulting Intelligent Swarming with Cognitive Technology

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Mountain View, CA | July 6, 2022 – SearchUnify, a leading unified cognitive platform, is convening with CATALYNK for an insightful webinar on catapulting Intelligent SwarmingSM (IS) with cognitive technology to help organizations bid adieu to tier fear and unlock proactive support. The live event will unfold on July 28, 2022, at 11:00 AM PST.

In an era of rapidly evolving customer expectations, lower turnaround time is the only constant. But when support organizations stick to tiered customer support models, a linear escalation hierarchy comes into being where tickets and cases of varying difficulty get escalated. Since they pass through rigid tiers and multiple queues, turnaround time increases unnecessarily.

So, is there a better modus operandi to quash the challenges of a modern service desk? Enter Intelligent Swarming. Known as ‘collaboration on steroids’, the framework taps into service reps’ specialized skill sets to ensure that the best-fit agent works on a trouble ticket from the get-go, without ping-ponging it to the next-tier agent.

“Swarming is not news to knowledge workers. They’ve always collaborated to solve problems despite the processes, structures, and measures of outmoded approaches that impede it,” said Brian Corcoran, Certified KCS Practitioner and Regional Sales Manager at SearchUnify. “But what if we had methodologies in place that facilitated collaboration instead of crippling it? The effectiveness of collaboration would increase manifold, wouldn’t it,” he further added.

“Transitioning to a swarming model isn’t always a walk in the park, but it is possible. The right state-of-the-art technologies like cognitive tech help you stamp out the existing hierarchical structures by providing real-time insights into user behavior and facilitating effective triaging,” said Vishal Sharma, CTO, SearchUnify.

In the upcoming webinar, SearchUnify will shed light on how the right tech stack emphasizes collaboration over individual contributors, thereby enabling support teams to work as one cohesive unit.


Title: No More Tier Fear: Catapulting Intelligent Swarming with Cognitive Technology
When: July 28, 2022, at 11:00 AM PST


Beth Coleman
Founder CATALYNK, Certified KCS®v6, Intelligent Swarming Trainer

Brian Corcoran
Certified KCS Practitioner and Regional Sales Manager, SearchUnify

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CATALYNK Ltd. offers consulting, program management, workshops and in-house training in Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®) and Intelligent Swarming®. Their work focuses on developing a knowledge-sharing culture as a key driver of customer satisfaction and competitive advantage. They are certified practitioners of KCS® and Prosci® methods.

About SearchUnify

SearchUnify is a unified cognitive platform that fuels the unification of disparate data silos to build a centralized content repository, an insights engine that articulates analytics to monitor KPIs and react to changing trends in real-time. It powers multiple next-gen applications including Intelligent Chatbot, Escalation Predictor, Agent Helper, KCS Enabler and Community Helper – all of which elevate & personalize the experience of customers, agents, community managers, knowledge workers, and support managers.

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