Winning at Case Deflection with Intelligent Search

Self-service is a win-win for businesses as well as for customers.

Customers love to help themselves. According to Harvard Business Review, 81% of customers prefer self-solving their issues before reaching out to a support representative.

And businesses save support cost when they enable their customers to self-serve. That makes driving customer self-service the holy grail of customer service leaders and case deflection is an important way to achieve and measure self-service success.

One of the most important questions for service leaders is “What exactly is case deflection, and how do we accurately measure it?” Is there one definite answer? Or are there more than one ways to define and measure it? Our guest today, Sumit Aggarwal, has worked with a number of service leaders and assisted them with measuring and improving case deflection. Tune in to this episode and hear him talk about:

  • What is self-service and case deflection?
  • How to define and accurately measure case deflection?
  • How to improve case deflection?
  • How does intelligent search improve the self-service experience?

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