SearchUnify rolls out two releases, Colubridae and Mamba, every year. Mamba '22 is its latest iteration that unpacks real AI to take your entire support ecosystem to a higher echelon.

Ratchet Up Customer Support

Power next-gen customer experiences with a scalable platform & a suite of AI-powered apps.

Propel Intelligent Swarming

Embed a collaborative model within your agents' desktop & empower the entire support org to operate as one cohesive unit. It enables your agents to create a collaboration space for any undocumented or complex ticket & add relevant SMEs to quickly resolve the problem.

Prevent Escalations

We've added a whole new gamut of triggers and urgency signals that offer additional insight into cases likely to escalate. Managers can also provide their feedback on these predictions so that the ML algorithms can be retrained accordingly.

Quantify KCS Success

Monitor your KCS initiative by tracking the additions to your KB and how frequently these KCS-generated articles get shared or linked to support tickets. It also helps the practitioners identify the articles that didn’t perform well to analyze and take necessary action.

Propel Intelligent Swarming Prevent Escalations Quantify KCS Success

Resources to Read More about the Release in Detail

Help power a relevant customer experience by controlling the ranking of upto 10 search results for a specific keyword.

Unlock Hyper-Personalized Self-Service

Deliver an elevated self-service experience to customers and employees alike.

Inject Auto-learning Facets Operationalize Dynamic, Rich Snippets Unified Discovery Experience

Inject Auto-learning Facets

Mamba ‘22 adds the ability to scan individual facet click patterns and auto-apply them in future sessions for a more personalized experience. This way users can forego the hassle of applying facets to similar searches day in and out.

Operationalize Dynamic, Rich Snippets

Simplify knowledge discovery and enrich your SERPs with Rich Snippets. Populate factual answers or relevant multimedia content before all other search results. The support for rich media format allows for a more immersive and intuitive experience.

Unified Discovery Experience

SearchUnify has upheld its tradition of adding native connectivity for a number of new platforms with Mamba ‘22. The crawling capabilities have been extended to three more platforms, namely RSS Feed, Seismic, and Microsoft Teams.

Glean More Insights in Real-Time

Unveil better-segmented analytical reports to optimize experience across channels

Comprehensive Insights on Chatbot Performance

Simulate human-like conversations and efficiently handle L1 requests via our ramped up virtual agent. Get detailed insights segregated into successful and unsuccessful chatbot conversations, thereby providing you deeper insights into its efficacy.

Reinforced Report on Searches With No Results

Searches that don’t fetch any results (or pop up a ‘No Results’ page) can disrupt UX and cause frustration. To curtail these incidents, your team can add status tags against such queries. This way, you stay up-to-date and keep the 'no results' instances to a bare minimum.

Richer Insights in Session Tracking Report

The email search has been reworked, and now allows you to look up sessions by complete email address, account name, or domain name. Also, facet information is tagged along each time you download or share the Session Tracking Details report.

Comprehensive Insights on Chatbot Performance Reinforced Report on Searches With No Results Richer Insights in Session Tracking Report

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