Why SearchUnify?

Artificial Intelligence-Driven Search

Deliver relevant and personalized search results with cross-platform enterprise search powered by artificial intelligence algorithms derived from end-user behavior.

Self-Service Support

Empower your customers, employees and partners with knowledge from your website, CMS, CRM, community, knowledge base, and other platforms.

Content Performance Insights

Understand when, where, and what your users are searching. Measure the quality of search results and do a detailed content gap analysis.

Key Features Of SearchUnify

Out of the Box Integration

Out of the Box Integration

Securely integrate sites, Communities (Salesforce ®, Lithium, Jive, SharePoint), CMS (Drupal, WordPress), Content Solutions (MadCap, MindTouch), and Support (Service Cloud, Zendesk).

Bot Substitute Technology

BOT Substitute Technology

Empower your support engineers with the most relevant responses while keeping the human factor in customer interactions - increasing efficiency and satisfaction.

Result Optimization

Drive content engagement by manually boosting results for the most relevant content pieces to increase their ranking in the search results.

Channel for Product Insight

Channel for Product Insights

Get insights from users for feature enhancements and areas of improvement for products.

Auto Classification

Auto Classification

Get your unstructured information categorized, structured, and accessible regardless of the source it’s residing in.

Intelligent Search Reporting

Intelligent Search Reporting

Subscribe and view reports for search queries across different regions, top conversions, queries driving minimal search results, content usage, and performance.

A Deeper Look Into Your SearchUnify Console

Your enterprise search partner that unifies content across multiple platforms using its federated search feature and helps you transform your business.

Integrated Solutions

Bring the power of enterprise search to your community or site and drive higher engagement, case deflection and self-service success.


Improve case deflection and succeed at self-service (in Salesforce Lightning Communities and Service Cloud) with easy access to information across your distributed sources, quick suggestions to resolve each query efficiently.



Scale information reach of your Jive community and enhance self-help by providing relevant recommendations for user queries. Enhance case deflection by making relevant content readily accessible.


Create engagement on your community and empower users by providing context based recommendations for their questions. Improve community success by making enablement content readily accessible.



Improve user engagement and experience on your sites, help portals by serving the most relevant information to your customers and prospects throughout their journey.


MadCap Flare

Take your MadCap site search to the next level with advanced enterprise search. Automatically structure your MadCap content and make it easily accessible to users on your site as well as support center.


GSA Replacement

Upgrade your legacy search solution to an AI-driven alternative that understands the searcher’s intent and delivers results based on the context of the search. Ensure a seamless transition.

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Our Customers love us

Testimonial Quotes  The reason we chose SearchUnify over the other enterprise search products is its speed and ease of deployment. It’s an amazingly flexible search product that provides cross-channel content search functionality. I particularly love the fact that we are able to securely share relevant information from all of our portals, whether public or private. Above all, the ability to analyze users’ search behavior and our content’s effectiveness is something that keeps us one step ahead of user expectations.

- James Goerke, Manager, Global Support Vlocity

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