About Us

About Grazitti Interactive

Since Grazitti’s inception in 2008, we have served the needs of global enterprises in marketing, sales and support. Our products and services have helped over 1000 customers-including several Fortune 500 companies-build their web presence, automate marketing and sales, and streamline support.

Over 250+ experts at Grazitti-including many MVPs and trained professionals-help our customers drive demand, improve customer experience and engagement, increase CSAT, and reduce support costs.

We are partners with renowned technology pioneers like Salesforce™, Lithium, Jive, Microsoft, Google, Optimizely, Marketo, Acquia, Shopify, Adobe, and Alteryx amongst many others.

The Journey from Federated Search to SearchUnify

Search as Unifying Diverse Content Sources

Having built 100+ communities, wikis, knowledge-bases, partner portals, websites, blogs-most enterprises struggle to put content in the hands of the end user. With multiple silos of information created by disparate teams, we saw search as one possible solution to unify diverse content sources and provide a seamless user experience.

Federated Search Solutions

Over the course of many client engagements, we built federated search solutions-leveraging both database and full text search engines-that saved enterprises millions of dollars in case deflection and sales cycle acceleration.

Across implementations we found that, enterprise users have diverse demands that open source and productized solutions are unable to meet.


We leveraged our 100 man-years of full text search experience with support, marketing, IT, finance and sales teams to create SearchUnify.

The enterprise search solution unifies disparate content sources, provides insights to all stakeholders, preserves access control and other entitlements, secures the content, and can be deployed in hours since it has inbuilt connectors for most content sources (and we continue to add more).

SearchUnify was created to help businesses harness the true power of enterprise search.